Five Ways Friends Enhance Your Health

Did you know that true friendship is actually good for your health? While it’s long been clear that people enjoy making friends and maintain lasting friendships, science is only just beginning to shed light on how good friendships are for our overall health. Not only do you need friends for enjoyment, you may find that the online friends you make on have more benefits to offer than you ever thought about before.

Improved Fitness

Having a healthy social life and great friendships can actually inspire you to stay in shape. An Australian study found that friends have a big impact on our fitness levels. As you make new friends online, try to gauge how each inspires you to remain active.

Increased Self Esteem

As you find friends while socializing online, you may begin to feel pretty good about yourself. Researchers suggest that having friends bolsters our self esteem and self worth.

Reduce Risk for Dementia

A surprising study conducted by the researchers at Rush University in Chicago have determined that having a vibrant social life may reduce your risk for getting Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia by as much as 70%. Your friends online can help you ramp up your social life and keep you connected to better protect your mind against the ravages of age.

Increased Longevity

Medical research suggests that positive relationships like true friendships can actually impact longevity. Someone who is lonely needs to learn how to meet new people so they can enjoy this benefit too.

Reduce Depression

By having a friend with good communication skills, a person might find they experience less depression. Because it always helps to talk to someone when you’re feeling blue, an online friend can help keep depression at bay.

When you meet friends on, you can enjoy these benefits and so much more. Both your mental and physical health will be influenced by the true friendships you create today.

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