Why Your Online Romance Could Have Serious Potential

Major news organizations like The Telegraph and The Huffington Post have highlighted some of the latest studies that involve online relationships. These studies demonstrate that matchmaking online has may be one of the best ways to find the perfect match. When you connect with others via DateVIP.com, you have an excellent chance to find a love match, and these are just some of the reasons why.

Getting on the Same Page

Studies show that couples who meet online and eventually marry have a higher chance of staying together than couples who meet in person. This new data has surprised many academics and critics of the online dating scene. Researchers believe that one reason that online couples may have an edge is because there is a straightforward, even pragmatic approach to searching for a love match on a dating site like DateVIP.com. Users state upfront right in their profile what they are looking for in a relationship. This direct information allows for a better match. People who are both looking for a matrimonial partner can more easily connect and waste less time chatting with people who have no interest in matrimony.

Relationship Foundation via the Online Platform

When people meet face to face and begin to connect, that connection is invariably based on attraction and chemistry. Yet, as researchers at the University of Chicago have asserted, chemistry is one of the first elements in a relationship that may fade or wane as the relationship progresses. Sometimes attraction simply takes a break or goes in cycles within a long-term relationship. Yet, what sustains marriages when the chemistry goes south? As many couples who met online have found, shared values and interests are a major part of their relationship’s foundation, a foundation that was forged on the internet through an internet dating site.

If you’re hoping to meet a perfect match, consider how free dating sites for singles like DateVIP.com can enhance your chances for finding lasting love. Be open about your desires in your profile so you can attract other singles who have the same goals about love and dating.

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