Flirting with Beautiful Women: 8 Mistakes That Could Scare Them Off

If you’re visiting free dating sites for singles like and hoping that innocent flirting will lead to a love match, you’ll want to avoid some common mistakes that men make when trying to attract beautiful women. (In fact, some women may be making these mistakes too, so read on to avoid them!)

Don’t Be a Bully

While beautiful women love masculine men, nobody really loves a bully. If you’re too dominant and forceful while flirting with a woman online, you risk turning her off.

Poor Communication Skills

Expressing yourself poorly could prevent you from winning over an international beauty. Use spell check and grammar check to make sure that you’re communicating in a manner that reflects your intelligence.


When chatting, it’s a good idea to strike a fair balance. If you constantly talk about yourself and don’t ask questions, you could seem self-absorbed and even narcissistic.

Don’t Whine

Even if your last love match went sour, don’t whine. While showing sensitivity is a handsome trait, whining doesn’t become anyone.

Avoid Vulgar Chat

You’ll never go wrong if you speak like a gentleman. If your messages are vulgar or even gross, you may cause your love interest to look for a classier catch.

Avoid Posting Photos with Other Women

Even though you might be a hot catch, showcasing your likability in photos with other women could be sending a signal to a new woman that you already have your hands full. If you’re looking for a love match, don’t post pictures of yourself at the club with scantily clad women hanging on you.

Don’t Overdo It

Even though you can chat on as much as you want, you might not want to overwhelm someone you’re interested in too much in the beginning of your relationship with novel-like messages. If you’re messaging every hour on the hour, you might seem needy—which is often a turnoff to women—and even men for that matter.

Getting Too Personal Too Fast

Asking a woman to share the ins and outs of her previous relationship with her ex isn’t typically a great move. Try not to get overly personal from the get go. Play it cool and she’ll spill the details of her life when she feels ready.

When you’re searching for a perfect match on, try to avoid these mistakes. There’s an art to flirting, but you can find love and romance when you follow some matchmaking advice and continue to search online for your soulmate.

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