Ten Reasons to Plan a Winter Wedding

If your time spent on DateVIP.com has resulted in a love match, consider tying the knot during the winter for the following reasons.


June may have its flowers, but winter has its pristine snowfall, a whiteness that is breathtaking and romantic. Imagine how stunning your wedding pictures will look against a backdrop of snow.


Your money goes much further when you marry during the winter months. Since many brides opt for summer weddings, the rates for photographers, venues, and caterers is inflated during the warm season. Prices typically drop in December, January, and February.

Valentine Wedding

There’s something classically beautiful about marrying your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. It makes for a stunning wedding theme for décor.

Available Halls

During the winter, it’s much easier to coordinate a wedding and all the services you’ll need. Reception halls offer more availability as do caterers, photographers, and bands.

Stand Out

Winter weddings tend to stand out from other weddings because there are fewer to attend during winter. Moreover, there is less going on during the cold season, so most people look forward to attending winter weddings.

Memorable Feast

When you marry in winter, you can serve your guests a feast of comfort food and wintery drinks that will make your special day all the more memorable.

Look Better

Everything always looks better at a winter wedding—ever notice that? The flowers hold up better and so will your wife to be’s hair and makeup!

Beautiful Wardrobe

A winter wedding can be the glamorous affair of the year. Winter bridal wear is romantic and classically inspired. Imagine how your entire bridal party will look when photographed in their formal attire before a captivating fireplace.

More People Will Come

Since most people take their vacations during the summer, more guests are likely to be free to attend your marriage ceremony if you tie the knot in winter.

Winter Wedding, Steamy Honeymoon

Complement your beautiful wedding with a honeymoon in the islands. This will allow you and your soulmate to enjoy the best of both worlds!

If you and your perfect match are planning your wedding over DateVIP.com, talk about the benefits of a winter wedding. You won’t be disappointed how this majestic season can enhance this most important day of your lives.

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