Travel the World—One Mountain at a Time

If you want to travel the world and enjoy a bit of backpacking, you might want to embark on a mountain tour. Various mountains are a hub for regional tourism and draw travelers from all over the world to experience their natural attractions. On, you can meet with other backpacking enthusiasts, mountain climbers, and local trip advisors who’d be excited to meet with you. Why travel alone when a local guide is available to enhance your trip?

Mount Kilimanjaro

As the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro attracts many travelers to Tanzania. This dormant volcano rises from the plains to provide a home for unique flora and fauna. Backpacking is a popular tourist activity on Mount Kilimanjaro. If you are searching for an overseas adventure in Africa, keep Mount Kilimanjaro in mind.


Switzerland’s mountains form the veritable roof of the continent. The snowy peak of Jungfrau remains a celebrated tourist attraction for people who delight in natural scenery. This majestic snowy mountain can be accessed by train. You and your travel companion will travel over seven kilometers through mountain tunnels flanked by icy mountain terrain.

Mount Huang

Eastern China’s Mount Huang, also known as Yellow Mountain, is an extraordinary destination for eco tourists. Visitors can ride in cable cars from the mountain base to the summit. When you meet with a regional trip advisor on, you’ll be able to enhance your travel tour with cultural information that only a local can provide.

More Mountains for an Overseas Adventure

When you’re looking for all inclusive travel deals for regions where the mountains soar, be sure to consider the Banff Mountains of Canada, Table Mountain of South America, the Sierra Madre of Mexico, the Andes of Chile, and the Italian Alps to name a few. Travel tours of these mountains and regions are widely available and trip advisors can also be found on In fact, once you visit the site and get to know its niche social networks, you can find more information about traveling to specific mountain sites so you can get to know the best times of the year for travel, the best holiday deals, and the best places to stay. The website is free and is a great place for connecting with other mountain enthusiasts and world travelers

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