If you are getting married and also your fiancée is planning your own wedding, you must read this. Sometimes we don’t expect bad things to happen, but when it is a party there are a lot of stuffs which can go wrong. That’s the main reason why we create this post, to tell you how to help your girlfriend to avoid or minimize the risk of having a disastrous wedding. The secret of being a good party planner is getting prepared for everything and people just achieve this by organizing. It means she needs to create a list with all you need, your budget and the time you expect to find those items. But there are always going to be some mistakes, to prevent them, check our list out and tell your girlfriend:

The date

Picking the date is one of the most difficult things because you want everybody to be in your perfect night, since your grandmother to your best friend. But, what happens when you pick a date and someone can’t go? Our advice is to get married near to holidays, for example, getting married in December would be perfect if you have some relatives or friends out of the city, because maybe they are on vacations and they can travel to come. If your girlfriend is from a different city than yours, you must discuss what the perfect date would be. You can chat about it to avoid misunderstandings and pick the perfect date. This applies for those who find their partners on Internet, especially on those famous chat rooms or date sites.

The extra clothes

What happens if you pour wine on your clothes? It would look like you received a gunshot. Bringing some extra clothes to your wedding is something you can’t forget. And it is one of the most common errors people made. So, go shopping and pack more clothes to be prepared for everything. Tell your girlfriend to have another dress and a pair of shoes (especially those comfortable shoes called flats), and bring them to your party to be ready for any emergency.

The photographer

The day arrives and you just remember that you didn’t pay a photographer. But everything is fine because your cousin has a nice camera. ¡Find a REAL photographer right now! Those details can be replaced. If you let your cousin to take the pictures you will regret it. Also, he will lose important memories of the wedding. He has to take pictures in the church and not seeing what is happening. If the real problem is you don’t have enough money to pay for a real one, find someone who collects less money.

The weather

You are planning your wedding to be in the beach, and that day it rains. What would be your Plan B? If you don’t have it you are screwed. One of the things you can’t guess its how the weather will be like. We mean you need to be ready to accept what happens and jump to plan B, C or Z. Maybe something happens 3 o 4 days before and you can pick another date and the people you pay for do certain things would be fine with that, but if it’s the same day you have to take everything and do your wedding in another place. But don’t worry everything can be solved and your wedding will be as perfect as you dreamed it.

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