Relationship Advice for Men

Have you had your heart broken a few times? To be fair, I'm sure we've unintentionally bruised a few hearts as well. Love at the best of times can be confusing, and it's hard to know if what you are feeling is actually the real deal. After a recent breakup, I chanced upon a friend with an extremely successful career and a fulfilling love life. Upon further discussion he gave me a number of tips for a healthy relationship. Below are the following relationship advice that are a key to a healthy, happy life.

1. Discard the List

If you are as green eyed as I was, you may have written down or noted at the back of your mind a long list of superficial qualities you desire your soul-mate to have. Mine was something like "must be Latin/Ukrainian/Russian, have light blonde hair, blue eyes, interested in an online relationship, funny, etc." I'm not sure if I was listing qualities that were important to me or just something that was imprinted on my mind by the media and columns on online relationships. It's great to know what's important to you in a relationship and to connect with some who has similar values, however it is more important to ditch the laundry list and focus on the key traits for healthy relationships.

2. Take care of yourself

It is imperative that to have a successful relationship you need to invest time and effort into yourself. Self-care leads to a sense of high self-esteem & well-being. This means focusing on good health, treating your body well by eating healthy nourishing food, exercising regularly, sleeping enough and drinking plenty of water. These are a few simple but powerful health tips for self-care and raising up your own captivating qualities to attract awesome love. Plus, when you take care of yourself, you'll be free of any health problems and also be able to take care of the special person in your life when he or she arrives

3. Know your inner feelings

This point will help clarify why its recommended for you to discard the list. Rather than concentrating on artificial qualities, decide how you want a connection to feel. Focus on the intangibles such as is it special? Fun ? Healthy ? Intellectually stimulating? Sexy?

4. Be your own boyfriend/girlfriend/partner

Once you are clear on your inner feelings, be your own boyfriend or girlfriend. By saying this we mean, if you want to feel the fit and healthy, think of ways that you can make yourself feel healthy now. If you want to feel appreciated, think of ways to appreciate yourself. Buy flowers, take a long bath, hit the gym, focus on nutrition and generally go about life enjoying it. Do whatever it takes to feel really good about yourself. When you're already experiencing those feelings, you'll draw and attract the right partner to you.

5. Get factual and realistic

Get factual and realistic with yourself to create the kind of life you want to be living in. Be genuine. Stop living the life you believe others want you to have. You are exceptional and you have distinctive talents, qualities and desires. Be true to yourself and lead your life with soul and explore where it's telling you to go.

6. Declutter your life

Instead of waiting or hoping that someone will miraculously walk into your life and save you from your problems, start saving yourself. If your finances are in shambles take steps or get help to move in the right direction. If you crave better health, try natural health remedies for a healthy body and a fuller life !

7. Bury the past

Agree for your past to be in the past. Try and heal any heartbreak and tend to any parts of your life that need closure. Discharge past angst by forgiving yourself and deciding to use the experience as a learning for future growth. We often carry around a lot of pain that leaves us feeling sad and depressed We need to let it go and turn ourselves form a victim to a hero who overcame their fears and obstacles in pursuit of a better life

8. Trust your intuition

Learning how to trust with intuition can be done by getting in touch with our bodies. Think about the time where you knew you were making a bad decision, however you did it anyway. Think about how your body feels thinking about it? Perhaps you notice a lump in your throat or nausea in your stomach. Now, think back to a time where you felt really sure about a decision you were making. How does that feel instead? So, the next time you're unsure of what your intuition is telling you, try to tune into those feelings in your body. This is especially rings true when meeting the right partner.

These are really simple tips but followed in conjunction with each other have a high almost magical effect in attracting true love to your life.

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