Connect to the Motherland with a Penpal

Although many people visit to meet people from cultures they know nothing about but are fascinated by, while others prefer to connect with people who share similar roots. It’s exciting to connect with someone that actually shares your nationality. Penpals from your motherland can help you rediscover your heritage and get to know the country where your mother, grandfather, or even great-grandparents came from.

Language Learning

One of the best ways to reconnect with the motherland is to speak its language. Language learning via is a great way to connect with a penpal while learning to speak in the tongue of your ancestors. Learning a language with help from friends online makes language learning fun as well as enriching.

Enjoy the Culture

When you find a penpal from your mother or father’s homeland, you can find out all about the culture of the country. Learn about holiday celebrations, special dishes, great artists, talented writers, and so much more. Good communication with a penpal allows you to get to know the place where your family came from and which can still play a major role in your life with its unique customs. You may also wish to travel there to witness its landmarks along with your penpal.

Understand the History

Effective communication with an international penpal may provide you with information on the history of your motherland and why your ancestors chose to leave the place where they were born. Your pen friend may be able to shed light on the stories you learned from your family as a child about far-flung places that you’ve never seen but feel as if you know.

How to Meet New Friends and Penpals

Once you establish your profile on or any of its niche social networks, you can visit a niche site dedicated to your motherland. Sign on and make friends online. You’ll find that many registered users are also in search of international pen pals too. In fact, they may be hoping to learn languages like English too.

An adult penpal can make a great new friend. If you need new friends, head to niche site that reflects your family’s origins. The experience of getting to know that distant land through the perspective of someone of the same nationality can be quite rewarding. Just see for yourself!

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