About Us

DateVIP.com is a leading international online niche dating network that operates niche social networks based on nationality, ethnicity, religion, lifestyle, and much more.

DateVIP.com connects people around the globe on an easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate platform. We operate on all continents and welcome all peoples to take part in our international online community. Each of our niche websites provides a thrilling interactive experience while employing innovative technology to support these online connections that make the world a little bit smaller and, certainly, considerably friendlier.


DateVIP.com’s vision is to support international social connections while continuing to increase our membership to become the leading international dating network online.


To provide a safe, free platform for people to connect online from all over the world.

Get to Know Our Company

To support our online international community, we maintain our sites with unstinting quality care and advanced safety measures to enhance our customers’ experience. Our experienced staff continues to incorporate new technology features into our sites with the goal to create an unsurpassed user experience.

Serving Our Membership

Through customer-focused service, our company is always looking for the best ways to communicate with you and provide you with the ideal social platform. We welcome your ideas, questions, and concerns at all times. As our niche sites continue to grow, we will diligently work to maintain our high level of customer support, safety protocols, and advanced technologies to become the world’s leading international dating network.

Get to Know DateVIP.com

DateVIP.com is an honest and respectable online community that provides a social networking platform for internationals. Our network and its niche sites employ a zero tolerance policy regarding harassment of any type. Our aim is to provide a unique place where people from various nations can meet and mingle on a safe and free online platform.

DateVIP.com envisions a large-scale international network with a membership that includes people of all nations, all backgrounds, and all ethnicities who can use our niche sites to mingle, to share ideas, to date, and even to marry. By working to connect well-mannered people, we hope to create a platform where people can also connect in accordance with lifestyle choice, careers, religion, and much more.

Why confine your friendships to just one continent? What if your soulmate doesn’t live in your home city? DateVIP.com encourages you to look beyond your home town and even your home nations for love and friendship, because friends and loved ones are out there; you just need the right tools like DateVIP.com to help you discover them.

Dating and More

DateVIP.com is more than simply a dating site. Our members regularly visit our network to search for jobs, post jobs, meet new people, make friends, find traveling partners, and yes—even find a date that might even lead to a long-term relationship like marriage. Because our dynamic network boasts global membership, it is a particularly attractive place for career professionals to network with other business pros around the world. Whether you are searching for a penpal or considering a global business expansion, DateVIP.com offers the connection platform that can enhance communication between colleagues, friends, lovers, and so much more!

Find a Date—For FREE!

DateVIP.com operates the only 100% FREE niche dating sites worldwide. We treat every single member like a VIP, and we remain committed to see our membership grow and include members from nations around the globe. Our creative specialists have spent years researching and analyzing human interactions online, allowing us to design a platform that nurtures these interactions and fosters connections—connections that can enhance your life in a myriad of ways. For us, it is all about simplicity. We provide an easy-to-use platform that connects internationals for free.

Relate and Find a Relationship

On DateVIP.com, you might relate to others based on similar interests or you might even discover that the old adage is true—opposites do attract! Whatever the case may be, you might find your soulmate or you might stumble upon a new friendship that will last your whole life long. Whether you visit the site to locate a travel companion for an upcoming trip or are in search of that special someone who will complement your life in every way, DateVIP.com makes it easy for you to connect. Although we are not an escort service or marriage site, we do make it easy for people to fulfill any type of relationship need simply by connecting with others online.

At DateVIP.com, we believe you make your own luck, and in the dating world, we have made it our purpose to make sure the odds are in your favor! With our straightforward format, you can easily choose a niche site and create a profile in thirty seconds. Then, add a photo, start chatting, and even send unlimited email messages for FREE. You can join as many of our niche websites as you like. Get started now and see why so many people around the world are choosing DateVIP.com when it comes to international dating and networking!

If you have any technical issues, questions, suggestions or require information please contact our Support Team.

Business Registration

DateVIP.com is owned by an Australian-based company, Zoroaster Pty Ltd (ACN 161 094 480). The registered business name is Date Singles Daily (ABN 68 161 094 480) and is based in Perth, Western Australia.